Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Our idol, JunCurry Ahn is joining the Kollaboration L.A.! With your overwhelming support for Jun, he is now joining the finals, together with other contestants! Let's cheer for our champion, so that he wins this contest! 안준성 화이팅!~


Since we've been talking about Korea, its language, culture, history, and Koreans, we might as well talk about famous Koreans, right?

Click here to go to his YouTube page!
Our star for today is Jun-sung Ahn, widely known as "JunCurryAhn" in YouTube. This lad is creating a name for himself, as he slowly (but surely) crawls to the top of the violin-talent industry. Together with his violin, Debby, he creates music that almost everyone can enjoy.

I am also a part of those people who have wondered why his name is JunCurryAhn. Is the translation of curry, "Sung" in Korean? No. According to his Frequently Asked Questions, his name became JunCurryAhn after he and his friend thought that curry, when attached to his surname (Ahn), sounds like "Korean" (Curry + Ahn = Korean). This fact took me into much enlightenment! Thank you FAQs!

How did I stumble on his page? On his videos? Simple. I was looking for a very cool rendition of the Canon Rock, and after being tired with guitar covers, I searched "Canon Rock Violin", and the a cool guy in glasses popped out! Haha..

Watching his videos, I noticed one thing. This player is stiff. However, as I watch his videos, you can notice that the stiff violin player transforms into a dancing, acting, violin-playing machine! Who would forget his signature dance? (And I do that too, when I am alone! Haha)

Here is the video I'm talking about. Warning: Awesomeness overload!

Did you see it? What can you say? Awesome, right?

If you enjoyed this video, you might as well enjoy others! View JunCurryAhn on YouTube.

This rendition below also is too much awesome!

Well, I can now say that I'm a very big fan of this dude. I have already spread a word about him to my friends, Facebook friends, and everyone I see who appreciates violin covers!

I can only give one statement about this guy. DAEBAK!!

You can visit this guy's website here.
Or view his YouTube Channel here.


  1. Thank you. You are better than Wikipedia. There is NOTHING to find about Jun Sung Ahn.


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