Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Annyeong haseyo! (I thought of writing this in Hangul, but the computer I'm using does not support such.)

Taegeukgi, or the flag of South Korea
Well, I wanted to start this page in order for me to share my thoughts about my recent obsession - the country South Korea. I am not that fan of K-pop, but I really really like the country, including its culture, language, and system of writing. I call my liking of the country as an obsession for I really want to learn their culture and live in South Korea!

Well, before, I really did not know South Korea. I hear it from several people, to include several people who like K-pop very much. Back then, I would usually tell them that they don't need to be that obsessed with the country as it's not that interesting. I was wrong.

Right after I took the nursing licensure examinations here in the Philippines, my sister asked me if I want to teach Korean students for a month, and earn a little. Well, I can't work as a nurse at the moment, so I took the challenge. It's just a month, anyway. And it's time to see Koreans, for real and up-close. Haha.

Well, the day of the camp has come, and I am really curious of the people from South Korea. What do they look like, at close range? How do they move? How do they speak? These questions are running on my mind, knowing that they will be answered later.

A month have passed, and I have finished the camp. I had to say "goodbye" to my students, but this goodbye is certainly not eternal farewell. We will meet again. My students and I promised each other that we will definitely meet each other, sometime in the future - as professionals.

So what are the answers to my questions?

No, they don't.
What do they look like? Most of Koreans have the typical "Mongol" slanted eyes. However, some have different sets of eyes. Rounded, very big eyes, very small eyes. Did you know that what's beautiful in Korea are those who have somewhat big, rounded eyes? 

Another rumor, is that Koreans smell like kimchi. That's a very grave accusation! Well, they might smell after eating at a kimchi-smelling restaurant, but not in everyday life. They have no smell at all, just like us. Some take a bath regularly, but some don't, but it's understandable for they have a very cold weather out there.

How do they move? I must say that Koreans have a very nice way of showing respect. You need to bow when greeting other people, and the degree of the bow depends on how you deeply respect the person. You can bow slightly for people you know, but you still bow (about 90 degrees) to people whom you really respect. This is the same as "mano" of Filipinos. And believe me, I'm starting to involuntarily do the bow at people!

Another observation on Korean people is they really value honesty. Try putting a thousand peso bill in your desk, and leave it there for about two hours, no one will steal or even touch your bill. That's how honest they are.

Speak up~!
How do they speak? Korean people incorporate their respect to their speech. They have different speech levels which are used in different events. You cannot speak casually to people you just met. You might speak with high respect to those younger than you in certain occasions. One more thing is that they speak really loudly, and with a very expressive voice. They usually speak with a tone! You may find them shouting and speaking very loudly in malls or restaurants, but I think that's really normal with them.

Join me in knowing the diverse culture of the Koreans! I will post some things here related to the country and their culture, including a lesson on Hangul and their language! Stay tuned for more Korean thingies!


  1. It's always nice to find someone who is also a Korea Fan and so much a Kpop Fan.
    Even thou I listen to a little bit more Kpop now my love for Korean Culture/Food is bigger

    1. Well we can share our likings here. I will post more and more Korean facts here, and hopefully, I can also start teaching a little bit of Hangul. Haha. Stay tuned, and thanks!

  2. I've just started using your site today, and I really love it! Looking forward to visiting often!


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