Monday, July 09, 2012

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A call to friends!~

Yoboseyo? :D
I just called some of my students yesterday, to know whether they're OK or not.

They did not recognize me at first, but after some introduction, they knew who I am!

And, trying to talk to them in Korean, I think they have understood me! Hehe.. A nice experience!

I told one of my students (in Korean), "If I go to Korea, I will live in your house. OK?"

He said.. "Ppali wayo." ("Come quickly!") A nice student, indeed. :D

It's really nice having some conversations like this.

I miss my students, and I miss teaching them. T_T

FYI: If you're calling from the Philippines to someone in South Korea, you just need to key in:  00 82 10****-****. Some international calling promos are available in some mobile networks, in very affordable prices! Cheapest I know is PhP 3.00, from Sun Cellular Annyeong Korea SIM!


  1. Isn't the boy Yooguen?The baby SHINee toke care of in Hello Baby SHINee?


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