Sunday, July 22, 2012

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My First Blog Giveaway!

TheToiletThoughts and TheKoreanThoughts are giving away Sun Cellular load for all of its readers! 

Writing is my passion. Several friends tell me that I am a bit talkative person.  They would even tease me, "you have so many things to say!". I possibly have several things on my mind, and I usually share them to friends, even though they are sometimes weird, and are out-of-topic. That way, I know who thinks the same way I think, as well as hear their opinions about certain matters. There comes a time where I thought, "why not create a blog, again?". 

Months have passed, and I'm still thinking of the blog's title if ever I create one again. Unconsciously, I am doing this thinking in the comfort room. Some days passed, and I thought, since I'm doing all these thinking every time I go to this place, why not name it.. "TheToiletThoughts"? A new blog is born in the blogosphere.

Being a blogger for sometime, I think that it blogging does entail several responsibilities - posting good content, managing your blog's layout, connecting to your blog readers, as well as managing to answer good and bad comments too! Since I started this blog, I have already hit 2,500, which I think is high enough for me in three months of blogging. I started blogging in college, but still, I stopped posting because of hectic schedule, and I somewhat didn't have something to write back then.

But now, this is it. Both blogs tell something about my experiences, my obsessions, my opinions about things that surround me. All of these thoughts are mostly made in the most private place you will never expect.

So let's now go back to the giveaway.

TheToiletThoughts and TheKoreanThoughts are giving away two (2) ₱ 250 Sun Cellular prepaid load, as well as four (4) ₱ 25 phone credits. All you need to do is follow instructions given in the Rafflecopter box below. Remember to follow the instructions carefully, for your entries to be valid.

This contest is open only to Philippine residents, and to Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers only. If you're not one, you can still buy a new SIM card, and join the contest!

The contest will start on July 25, 2012 and will end August 18, 2012, which is exactly 25 days! Everything will be 25! :)

NOTE: I noticed that some just sent entries, but didn't follow the instructions. You need to follow the instructions given, because I will still check them if ever you win the raffle. Clicking the buttons without following the instructions invalidates your entry.
This is my first time sponsoring a giveaway on my blog, and I hope this will become a huge success! Stay tuned!


  1. done doing all the steps in your rafflecopter, hope to win! ^_^

  2. Thank you for joining BNP! Your blog has been posted!

    You can also vote for your favorite blogs! The Top 5 highest rated will be displayed in the BLOGS OF FAME ;)

    For site news & updates, check


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