Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Review: Special Affairs Team TEN

In the verge of crime stories and mystery solving series in the international television, which includes Sherlock Holmes and House M.D. (medical perspective), we are now given the chance to solve crimes which are highly possible to occur in our society nowadays, and how they solve several mysteries keep our jaws hanging, asking for more complicated and action-packed mysteries, right?

And now, South Korea did what we are asking for - more mysteries. OCN (a Korean network) gives us a very good drama about mysteries and how they solve it. Join Professor Yeo Ji-hun and the rest of his gang in their journey to being the best crime-solving team Korea has ever seen.

Watch the former ace detective as he and his highly skilled team solve cases one-by-one, and in search for the solution in one of the greatest crimes that he has ever encountered - the tape massacre.

Will Ji-hun and his gang be successful in their mission? or will they be the biggest failure of Korea?

TheKoreanThoughts Score: 9/10

Watch the trailers here:


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