Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Pinoy Snacks, anyone?

I have shared to you my experience on teaching Koreans, right? Being their teacher for quite a while, I have also discovered some things that my Korean students like, as well as I use these snacks to reinforce their learning. These snacks will definitely awaken their sleeping bodies. Literally. Whenever they are losing interest in the topic being taught, just say the keywords "I will give ______ to those who can get the highest score in our exam later!", and these sleepy student will be attentive at an instant. Satisfaction guaranteed.


My Korean Teaching Experience

"I don't like Koreans. I just don't."

This is a statement that I made before, after hearing from people that they like K-pop, as well as K-dramas and such. Years ago, the K-wave has been felt all over the world, with several songs, movies, and series being widespread all over our country, the Philippines. Actually, this hype has been started with a Korean, Sandara Park, has won a Philippine Talent Show, Star Circle Quest. This bubbly lady, also known as Krung-krung, has melted some of Filipinos' hearts with her charm. After some time, she went back to Korea, and eventually joined a K-pop group, the 2NE1.

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