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Pinoy Snacks, anyone?

I have shared to you my experience on teaching Koreans, right? Being their teacher for quite a while, I have also discovered some things that my Korean students like, as well as I use these snacks to reinforce their learning. These snacks will definitely awaken their sleeping bodies. Literally. Whenever they are losing interest in the topic being taught, just say the keywords "I will give ______ to those who can get the highest score in our exam later!", and these sleepy student will be attentive at an instant. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Let me introduce to you these Filipino food and snacks that Koreans have enjoyed and might enjoy just in case they go to the Philippines.

5. Balut

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Actually, this one, I did not introduce to my students. This one is just being fancied by a friend, Won-taek. This is a boiled fertilized duck embryo. The yolk being the best thing of it. Well, others enjoy the semi-formed duck inside, feeling its crunchy bones on their mouth. I don't eat it, though. It is usually partnered with salt, and its juices is also one to enjoy. One exotic food in the Philippines. A must-try.

4. Powdered Juice

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Powdered fruit juices are quite famous worldwide, but my Korean students found the Philippines' one of the best. Actually, introducing it to them is quite an accident. I was just preparing my own, put cold water in my container, poured the powder inside, shook it, and before I drink, one of my students asked if he can have some. I gave him my container and he tasted, and eventually liked it. Amazed with the taste, he even told his classmates that the juice tastes really great. After that, we had a juice-drinking session, and guess what? When they went to the mall, they bought several packs!

3. Mami

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Mami is the Philippines' variation of ramyun (라면).. It is usually a mixture of noodles, egg, meat, some veggies, and a very savory soup. It is usually sold in shops in malls, but it can also be bought from street vendors, well, eat if the stall looks really clean, OK? This is one of the best food that you can take in cold, rainy days, or even snowing, if you're in Korea. It is also available as instant noodles, sometimes cooked or with just hot water. My students really enjoyed this one.

2. Dried Mangoes

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Dried mangoes are basically dried mango meat, usually sun-dried, and are prepared with a very thin layer of sugar powder. These gummy chunks of ripe mangoes are a pride of Cebu city, and is then followed by other places. This delicacy is quite famous worldwide, and is known even in Korea. My students told me that it is one of their parents' requests once they go back to Korea. When they went shopping for food, the students literally bought shopping bags full of these dried mangoes, some even did not resist the temptation, and ate them while they are going back to the camp. Its sweet, slightly sour taste, plus the good texture makes this a very good delicacy that Koreans should try.

1. Choco Mucho

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Yes. I said it right, Choco Mucho. Choco mucho is a chocolate-coated wafer roll, usually with caramel inside. It is available in different flavors, which include milk, white, and dark chocolate. This is a snack that my Korean students really are crazy about. It is commonly used by teachers in our camp to capture the attention of the students, as well as to be a bribe for them to perform their best. In our camp, you can always see a wrapper of this chocolate snack. I said before that these children are really going crazy for this one. Literally.

There was one time, when they went out to shop for food, a very famous and large mall in the Philippines literally lost its stock of Choco Mucho, and of every flavor, and because of that hoarding, some were not able to taste the snack. The next time they went to the mall, they really went running towards the supermarket, took very large carts, and put boxes and boxes of Choco Mucho in theirs. They even took these snacks back to Korea, saying that these will be stashed for future consumption. Until now, some students are still asking me to send them Choco Mucho. In the future, maybe.

There you have it folks. These are snacks that you might possibly enjoy if you're a Korean or a Filipino itself, or even other races! These are food that can tickle every person's tastebuds! If you're going to visit the Philippines, don't forget to look for these snacks, as you will enjoy them. Snacks here in the Philippines are fun to eat. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

Are you a Filipino? Do you have more things to include? or are you a foreigner? What can you country offer for foreigners like Filipinos? Feel free to comment below.


  1. Dried mangos are so Good. I can't eat any tho haha yet. My jaw hurts T.T

    1. Haha.. It's because of what you did, which is ridiculous. LOL. Anyway, try Choco Mucho. It's really good!

  2. i saw in a kdrama that they eat chocomuco lol

  3. Tang and Choco Mucho combination is one of a kind.. For many years of living in this world this juice always sets me free from boredom... Ever since I was a child this was my best buddy... Awesome and amazing in its unique flavors on both products... For that very reason that I always purchase it online at Goods. ph that satisfies my needs in the grocery and market stuffs... thank you for sharing an amazing topic...


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