Sunday, November 11, 2012

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When you decided to end it all..

We are now in a very modern world, and we are overwhelmed with too much things to think of. Students now have more things to learn, workers now have too much to work on, and everything else. Everything gets complicated and hard that they already give us a lot of stress to deal with. Moreover, illnesses and sorts are one of the things that puts more stress to some. And now, because of these stresses that we feel, some people just can't take it, and decided to end it all.

Suicide has been a topic of discussion for years now, wherein people around the world use different ways to end their suffering and sorrows. Different views have been given towards the idea of suicide. Some think of this as a good thing, as to end one's suffering, however, there are also ideas that say that this is one of the most selfish thing that one can do.

There are several factors which pushes one to do this thing. Some do it because of family problems, a broken family perhaps, bankruptcy, some with very high pressure in school, in their work, or in life itself, some because of failing in love. Some problems are really simple, but there are also problems that are really complicated, and one, with no support system available just do it.

South Korea recently has been listed as second on the list of countries with the highest suicide rate, being second to Lithuania. With rates of 41.4 in males and 21 females having suicide in the year 2010, the number of suicide cases in the country has been alarming, not only in their country but also in the world. There are several factors that may cause this, but the advancement of Korea, not only in technology, but also its economy is rumored to be the utmost reason why.

Because of its growing economy, competitiveness when it comes to work is a must, for you to be able to get the job that can provide you security in the fast changing society. To be competitive, you must have a very good work experience. To be accepted in a company, you must have attended a good university. Some are forced to take the course that they don't really like. To pass and graduate from a good university, you must push even harder and attend different hakwons (academies which teach you specialized skills).

You may consider these steps as very easy ones. Actually, when I heard about these, I just laughed about it, because here in our country, being in a university is relatively easy - you just have to have money. However, as I dig deeper in their problems in school and work, there are several points that I can't laugh about anymore. It is hard. Hard, but not impossible to solve.

When things are getting out of hand, we tend to ask for help. There are some who keep these problems to themselves and find the solutions on their own. I tell you, you are not alone. There are people who are ready to talk to you about it, and offer a crying shoulder. Some even did experience the same thing and found the solution! 

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Suicide might be the most selfish thing that one can do. Remember that all of us have our own problems, big and small ones, and it only depends on the person to solve these or not. Moreover, thinking of the people who will be left here in this world, the act can also be unfair to them, as you took your life without them knowing, and without them helping you.

"Human beings can't do everything on their own. That's why they stick with each other."
                                                               - Yamaguchi Kumiko, Gokusen 
It is still not the end of everything. Every problem has its solution. You may not find the answer to your problems today, but if you come and seek for it, there is a large possibility that you'll find it. Others might not be able to help that much, because in the end, you only have yourself.

When things get really hard to do, and you can't think of a solution, dig deep into your heart, someone, something is waiting there, waiting for your call.


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