Monday, March 31, 2014

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Korean Writing Exercises - Part 1

Good day, my dear readers! It has been so long since I have written something about Korea here, and that's because of my busy schedule upon entering school again. However, it's our vacation these coming two months, and your writer is here to give you a bit of what Korea can offer!

Before you start this writing exercise, be sure to read this post on how to Learn Korean in less than 15 minutes. This article can help you read and write Korean, for less than a day, and if given much concentration and dedication, for just less than fifteen minutes. Just remember that learning Korean is not that hard, you just have to give your time and your patience, for learning a new language might just be piece of cake!

Writing in Korean is in tandem with reading Korean. If you are not able to read what is being shown, then you will not be able to write it. And because of that, I have prepared a Korean Reading Exercise, which can be of large help if you are mastering the Hangul, or Korea's alphabet. Once you finish answering that exercise, and acing it, you can now proceed to the next level of learning the language, which is writing.

So, now, are you ready to put your Korean writing into test?

Let's have this quick exercise, which is as simple as writing syllables. Get your pencils and papers, and let's start with the basics. Translate these syllables to their Korean form.

1. Da
2. De
3. Dae
4. A
5. Weo
6. O
7. Ae
8. Yae
9. Ye
10. Wa

Choose your answers from this set:
 대  아  와  다  애  데  얘  워  예  오

Remember that when you have double notches, you start that letter's sound with the letter Y.

Whoa, that's a good start! You can check your answers here, in order for you to know it you're ready to move on.

Finished with the first Korean Writing Exercise? Let's now move on to the more complicated step. As we did in the Korean reading exercise, let's enrich our geography as we go to the countries!!~ Same as before, choose the best translation of the English word to its Korean form.

1. New York
2. Lisbon
3. Sydney
4. New Delhi
5. San Francisco
6. Las Vegas
7. London
8. Madrid
9. Paris
10. Seoul (our favorite!)

Done writing them in Korean? Now, choose the best translation from the list below.


And last challenge, match the words in bold face to their Korean version below.

I want to use the knife to cut the banana.

You can watch television while eating a cookie.

Is the monitor for the computer working?

You might want to use the card and the pen to draw a line.

I want to listen to a pop song.


Ka-pow! That's the last challenge you need to face! Are you confident you did well? You can check your answers here.

Done answering the exercises? That's a good job. What about your score? Did you get a perfect one? A fair one? If you are not able to master writing, don't worry. Everyone started with failure. You can re-read the article concerning learning the Korean alphabet, and answer the exercise again! Til next time! Stay tuned for more Korean exercises!


  1. effective. I love these

  2. I like this. It really helps me a lot to read Korean fluently. Thanks :)

  3. thank you very much for your work which helps me a lot in studying korean. i appreciated that. i just get confused how New York is pronounced 뉴욕. looking forward your response dear

    1. it is because it is a g is pronounced almost as a soft k :)

    2. i'm not the author of this, but if you "Romanize" the characters, it becomes "Nyoo yok". I think it is mostly how people would say things that messes us up. For example, for Madrid, I know some people who pronounce it as "Maydrid", while I pronounce it as "Mahdrid" Anyhow, I hope this helps!

  4. Since 뉴 is romanized as 'n' and 'yu' which sounds like 'yoo' and then you don't pronounce the first symbol since it's silent unless it's the last symbol, ㅛㄱ sounds like 'yo' and 'g' (soft g/k sound) so you would say nyoo yog (yo is pronounce with a long o sound) and the ㅇ is before the 욕 because of the writing setup you would have to learn a lot to be that advanced, I hope this helped :)


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