Saturday, January 03, 2015


New Year, and New Resolutions

Before all else, I would like to greet each and everyone a Happy New Year! :)

Well, 2014 just left us with what I call a "roller coaster" of events, in which there are time when we have felt that we are on top, and times in which we were in the lowest of our lives. Well, what I can say is that these events have formed us to our "self: that enters 2015, preparing us for bigger and better challenges, and these things are really destined to happen to us, not just mere coincidences, but experiences that may make us better persons.

Well, we cannot remove the fact that there are these habits which we would like to take away - habits which we have seen to be burdens last year, those which have dragged us down, and it is a usual habit which we always do as the year comes.

New Year's Resolutions.

Well, some view resolutions in a negative way, saying that these are things that people use just to excuse themselves of the wrong habits that they had, and using these as something for "show", just to show others that they are ready to change something in themselves, and still, will be unable to keep it.

I say otherwise. I am doing my resolutions and promise to follow them strictly.

Well, let me give you my resolutions for the new year:

1. I will not be tardy anymore for class. Time is a very big issue for me, starting high school, I have been struggling being early for class. College came by, same thing, in work, same thing. And now, as I am taking my post-graduate course, tardiness is still my issue. Well, during my first year, I have eliminated this issue, but I don't know, I just lost it whilst being in my second year of schooling. I have missed some quizzes, and other things by being tardy. Well, leave that tardiness for 2014.

2. I will not overeat anymore. Weight is a very big issue for me, being overweight started when I was in high school, and progressed till college, where I got the peak of my being overweight. I once had the life of eating fastfood in the morning, for lunch, as well as for dinner. It pushed my weight to nearly being obese. However, I decided to lose weight. Yes, I did. However, as I begin working, I gained it again till I entered Med school. In my first year, the first semester has been filled with bad comments from my friends and family, telling me that I had been fat and I'm really looking worse than ever. In the second semester, determined to remove those fats, I was able to reduce my weight, as well as my shirt and pants sizes. That lasted until before Christmas last 2014. And the food (lots of food) came by. You know what happens next.

3. I will drink less softdrinks this year. In connection with number 2, that is.

4. I will do everything to maintain my scholarship. Well, this year is a rough road for me. And I have three months to correct what has been wrong for the past few months.

5. I'll post more and more exercises and Korean stuff here! This year, I have been lazy to write busy that I was unable to write, this year, I will do my best not to procrastinate to spend some time in this blog so we can venture more on Korea and its culture. :P

Well that's all for now. Setting too much goals may make it difficult, but having these five, I think, might set me to the right path, don't you think? I think that there is nothing wrong with setting your resolutions, as long as you have the determination and the right reason for doing such. With proper mindset, we might just be able to follow these resolutions.

Let's check next year if I'm successful. I guess I will be. lol

Well, what are your New Year's Resolutions? I would like to hear from you.

Well I guess I'm not as a "good guy" as Good Guy Greg.

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