Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Hello, again!~

One of the most common expressions that people know when they are introduced to Koreans is the phrase "Annyeong haseyo." Some (or even most) people say this whenever they become acquainted with Koreans, some for fun, some for real greeting. This phrase basically means "Hello" or "Hi". It might also mean "Good morning", but "Hello" is more suitable.

The phrase is written in Hangul like this: 

Anyway, Hangul is the Korean Alphabet or the Korean Writing System. We will study it later on.

Do you think it stops there? No. As I said in this post, the language is highly dependent with the social status, and the event. The expression transforms into "Annyeong hashimnikka" when you talk to older persons, and "Annyeong" to those with lower rank or younger than you. You say "Annyeong haseyo" in casual conversations.

Well, this greeting is a small step towards learning Korean. There are still more to learn! Fighting!


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