Sunday, July 22, 2012


My First Blog Giveaway!

TheToiletThoughts and TheKoreanThoughts are giving away Sun Cellular load for all of its readers! 

Writing is my passion. Several friends tell me that I am a bit talkative person.  They would even tease me, "you have so many things to say!". I possibly have several things on my mind, and I usually share them to friends, even though they are sometimes weird, and are out-of-topic. That way, I know who thinks the same way I think, as well as hear their opinions about certain matters. There comes a time where I thought, "why not create a blog, again?". 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Review: God of Study

As a learner of the Korean language, one can definitely learn the language through watching Korean drama series. I've started watching Korean drama through "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho", which is recommended by a friend. After watching the series, I started watching series too, watching one after after another.


What's your Korean name?

There are several websites and Facebook applications that give you your "Korean name", just input your real name, and after a click, "ta-da", your instant Korean name. However, click the button again, and you are given another set of a Korean name. Quite intriguing, isn't it?

If you will ask me, getting a Korean name isn't easy as clicking a button. As compared to English names or Filipino names, they also need to be thought of carefully, in order for you to get the name you wanted for your child. These names may determine their future, and possibly how they will be treated in the future. Imagine yourself named as Crap Smith, would you be happy with that? Of course, no. That's why names should be thought of carefully before giving it to your child.

Monday, July 09, 2012


A call to friends!~

Yoboseyo? :D
I just called some of my students yesterday, to know whether they're OK or not.

They did not recognize me at first, but after some introduction, they knew who I am!

And, trying to talk to them in Korean, I think they have understood me! Hehe.. A nice experience!

I told one of my students (in Korean), "If I go to Korea, I will live in your house. OK?"

He said.. "Ppali wayo." ("Come quickly!") A nice student, indeed. :D

It's really nice having some conversations like this.

I miss my students, and I miss teaching them. T_T

FYI: If you're calling from the Philippines to someone in South Korea, you just need to key in:  00 82 10****-****. Some international calling promos are available in some mobile networks, in very affordable prices! Cheapest I know is PhP 3.00, from Sun Cellular Annyeong Korea SIM!

Thursday, July 05, 2012


Learn to read Korean in 15 Minutes!

So, you have watched that Korean drama, and you wonder if you can go there and create your own drama. You even dreamt of being and living in Korea, being able to speak the language, talk to other Koreans, write in Korean and even sing like those K-pop legends. However, there's always a step-by-step process to everything. Before you go to Korea and make your own drama there, you also have asked, how can I write Korean?

"How can I write Korean, the easy way?" That is the question. While some may have searched the internet for tutorials on how to read Korean, others buying books that can teach Korean to them, but hey, some offer quite bookish and bulky lessons. I can still remember myself having a hard time reading that Basic Korean book I saw. 

Well, what I saw here is something that can help you read Korean, and mind you, it can teach the basics for only an hour, or if you put your mind to it, just fifteen minutes! All you need to do is paper and a pencil, then, you're off to go!

You can click on the image for better viewing.
Credits to the Creator

Remember, learning a new alphabet, or even a new language is not that easy. It mostly takes someone years to learn a new language, but still can be somewhat not that proficient in the use of it. Learning bit-by-bit is a good step to being good on something. Can't read the letters proficiently? Just remember that you are still starting. All professionals were once amateurs.

So huddle up, concentrate, and let's make that Korean drama as soon as possible! Aja!

Ready? You can try these Korean reading exercises to try what you have learned!

Monday, July 02, 2012


Why Korean?

Since August of last year, I began studying Korean language, their culture, and Hangul.

Studying may be hard, for you consider grammar, the level of speech, and several vocabulary words (-.-) but I think I can do it. I will do it.

It all started by a student teaching me on how to write in Hangul, he gave me a list of the letters, and I studied them overnight, which shocked all my Korean students. Well, a teacher being taught is quite awkward, right? But I don't mind. Haha..
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