Saturday, May 24, 2014


Movie Review: Miracle in Cell No. 7

I don't cry when it comes to movies. There are movies that can influence my feelings, tingle my senses, and make me feel like crying, but I never have shed tears for those movies. Maybe it's because I have a heart made of stone (maybe not!), or they just can't bring that "pinch in the heart" than can make you break down and make your tears fall.

I thought it would stay like that forever.

But I was wrong.

Friday, May 09, 2014


TV Series Review: The Chaser (추적자)

Your daughter killed in a grim accident, your wife dying of depression thereafter, you being caught by looking for justice, and the culprit.. all powerful and can bend the law. What could you have done?

This is the story of Baek Hongseok, a detective of the Republic of Korea. After attending his daughter's small birthday party, he gave tickets to a star's concert for his child to attend. While having a drink with his superior and co-worker, he receives a phone call - a call which I wish he didn't have - telling him that his daughter has been involved in a car accident.

The events thereafter are quite shocking and unpredictable. A trial rigged, making the primary suspect innocent of the crime he has done, the other one, being protected by a conglomerate and her congressman husband innocent too, even making his kind and innocent daughter as a drug addict and a prostitute. Not believing in the law, Baek finds himself longing for revenge, and eventually does a thing by accident - he kills the primary suspect.

Looking for justice, he then flees from authority, and with the support of his friends, a prosecutor, a reporter, his superior, his co-worker, and a gangster, he goes to a roller coaster ride of looking for justice, being denied of it, showing how the law can provide or deny justice.

In the end, the question is, will he find what he is looking for?
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